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The geographic range of this website is Southern California as it is defined by Philip Munz in A Flora of Southern California. Munz states that this area "extends from its northern boundary of Point Conception, Santa Barbara County, eastward along the crest of the Santa Ynez Mountains to the Mount Pinos region in Ventura County, Fort Tejon in Kern County, the Tehachapi and Piute mountains, then northward to Little Lake in Inyo County and along the east slopes of the Inyo and White mountains to the Deep Springs region. As here defined, southern California comprises a cismontane area between the sea and the mountains, a montane area which in some cases reaches considerable elevation (Mt. Pinos, San Gabriel, San Bernardino, San Jacinto, Santa Rosa, Palomar, Cuyamaca and Laguna ranges), and a transmontane or desert area which is constituted largely of the Mojave and Colorado deserts." Thus some of the species that inhabit the White-Inyo Range Bristlecone Pine Forest area are included in his consideration of Southern California presumably because they can be found in that part of Inyo County.

I have now incorporated the nomenclatural changes that are reflected in the 2nd edition of the Jepson Manual of the Higher Plants of California.

I would like to acknowledge Lorrae Fuentes, Bart O'Brien and Steve Boyd at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden for much assistance in getting me started identifying plants and introducing me to many productive locations. Also, I do acknowledge the help of and express my appreciation in no particular order to Dr. Barbara Collins of California Lutheran College, Milt McAuley, Dr. Curtis Clark at Cal Poly Pomona, Jane Strong, Carl Wishner, Dieter Wilken at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Barry Prigge at the UCLA Herbarium, Richard Sapiro, Tim Thomas and Pam MacKay, Bill Truesdell, Mickey Long at Eaton Canyon Nature Center, Dave Heveron at the Living Desert, David Hollombe of the Santa Monica Chapter CNPS, Bob Muns, Milt Stark, Steve Ayala of the Society for Pacific Coast Native Iris, Adrienne Knute, RT Hawke, Bob Allen, Jim Andre, Director of the Granite Mountains Desert Research Center, Fred Roberts, Charlie Jones at the Native Plant Garden, San Diego Wild Animal Park, former Death Valley botanist Dana York, Jim Reveal, Scott McMillan, Tim Krantz, Ken Bowles, Tony Valois, Jay Sullivan, Larry Hendrickson at Anza-Borrego State Park, Wayne Armstrong, Ranger Mark Faull at Red Rock State Park, James Lightner, Hartmut Wisch, Jeff Greenhouse, John Game, and Dr. Bruce Baldwin of the Jepson Herbarium.   I also want to thank the many people who have contacted me with suggestions and corrections on identification and tips on where to find certain species.  I am especially grateful for the unfailing generosity of my very good friend Tom Chester, who has helped me immeasurably with identifications and with whom I have spent many extremely pleasurable outings.  I would be remiss if I didn't thank most particularly my wife for graciously putting up with my frequent and sometimes inconvenient absences. Additional photos will be added more or less continuously.  I am now in the process of redoing the site (old version)(new version), so enjoy it the way it is and return again later.  Also, please take a look at my other site, California Plant Names: Latin and Greek Meanings and Derivations ,
and at some of the many fine wildflower sites I have listed as links. Thanks for visiting.

Copyright @ 2005-2020 by Michael L. Charters.
Composed with Dreamweaver software.  If requested, my consent will gladly be given for the non-commercial use of these photographs subject to appropriate credit.   The photographs contained in this website may not be reproduced without the express consent of the author. Contact me at: mmlcharters[AT]

Photograph identifications: Top left Abronia turbinata (White sand verbena), bottom left Calochortus plummerae (Plummer's mariposa lily), top right Aquilegia formosa (Columbine), bottom right Lilium humboldtii (Humboldt lily)