L-R: Leptosiphon aureus ssp. decorus (Cream gilia), Phacelia grandiflora (Large-flowered phacelia), Osmadenia tenella (Threespot), Oxalis albicans (Wild oxalis), Phacelia brachyloba (Yellow-throated phacelia)

In the following names, the stressed vowel is the one preceding the stress mark. It is not always easy to ascertain where such stress should be placed, especially in the case of epithets derived from personal names. I have tried to follow the principle of maintaining the stress of the original name as outlined in the Jepson Manual, and have abandoned it only when it was just too awkward. In the case of some names, I have listed them twice, reflecting either some disagreement or conflict in the rules of pronunciation, some uncertainty on my part as to the correct pronunciation, or that simply sometimes there is no single correct pronunciation. In other instances, the way I record it is just that which sounds right to my ear. Where no credit is given for photos, they are in public domain mostly from Wikipedia.
  • Ya'bea: named after Yoshisada (Yoshitaba) Yabe (1876-1931), a Japanese botanist (ref. genus Yabea)
  • yadon'ii: after Vernal Lee Yadon (1931- ), a former Director of the Museum of Natural History in Pacific Grove, Monterey County (ref. Erysimum menziesii ssp. yadonii, Horkelia yadonii, Piperia yadonii)
  • yi'na: a Klamath Indian word for mountain (thanks to David Hollombe for this obscure tidbit) (ref. Downingia yina)
  • yollabollien'sis: of or from the region of the Yolla Bolly Mts in northern California (ref. Lotus yollabolliensis)
  • york'ii: after Dana Adrian York (1962- ), botanist of Death Valley National Park (ref. Boechera yorkii, Gilia yorkii)
  • yosemita'na/yosemita'num/Yosemite'a: of or from the Yosemite area (ref. Madia yosemitana)
  • yosemiten'se: same as previous entry (ref. Allium yosemitense)
  • Yuc'ca: from the Carib name for manihot or cassava (a genus belonging to the Euphorbia and misapplied to these liliaceous evergreen shrubs or small trees with rosettes of sword-shaped leaves) (ref. genus Yucca)
  • yu'mae: of or from Yuma, Arizona (ref. Camissonia claviformis ssp. yumae)

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